10 Best Dressed Men in Pakistan

Pakistan brags the populace the world’s third most hot men which is as it should be! The land is the residence the most magnetic, liberally attractive and snappy symbols, outperforming any semblance of Indians, Americans and even the British.

Certainly, our hunky male big names cause a ruckus any place they go, vanquishing nearby and outside domains based on their ability, advance and obviously, by dressing drop-dead flawless.

1) HSY

The representation of class, the style free thinker and the authority of Pakistani design: the first cool leader of our rundown of best-dressed male symbols is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin otherwise known as HSY.

Thundering his way into the universe of vogue, the vivacious HSY has guaranteed that he genuinely rehearses his affinity for phenomenal couture.

2) Fawad Khan

Our Khoobsurat King of Khan-dom, Fawad is the sprinter up on the rundown of the most carefree male big names.

Regardless of whether he wears a straightforward sherwani, sparkling tuxedo or easygoing blue denim and loafers, the heartthrob shows up similarly urbane and looks every last trace of an eminence in customary fitting as he does in western clothing.

In the ongoing time, Khan has unquestionably turned out to be one of the boss menswear backers of Pakistan’s design scene. Obviously, his traditionally dashing highlights and august looks empower him to perfectly draw off anything he wears.

3) Ali Zafar

In the event that there is one Pakistani male star that has genuinely aced the style game throughout the years, it must be Ali Zafar.

He properly dresses to the nines at different stupendous occasions. Patching up his style articulations sometimes, Zafar overflows lightness with either his mustache or notorious French whiskers, fun haircuts and test dressing. He shakes everything like a genuine Rockstar does.


His ultra present day design sense has earned him different honors. In 2013, he was delegated as the ‘World’s Sexiest Asian Man’ while he procured the honor of ‘Most Stylish Import’ grant at a Hindustan Times Style Award in Dehli.

4) Imran Khan

Any big name best-dressed rundown without Imran Khan is unjustified! As per an article distributed by an American Journal ‘Genuine Clear” in 2014, Khan was positioned eighth Most Attractive Politician on the planet. Most likely, this accomplishment can not exclusively be added to the ex-cricketer’s great looks yet in addition his feeling of style.

Imran Khan has demonstrated that he can’t take the blame no matter what with regards to marvelousness and is unquestionably the main sharp looking living government official in Pakistan today.

Kaptaan’s certain smile, wrinkled eyes, tousled hair and without wrinkle shalwar kameez adequately bring outs the rich chief in him and is the best model how effortlessly legislators should dress.

5) Hamza Ali Abbasi

Cherish him or loathe him, you most likely won’t be stunned to see Hamza Ali Abbasi driving in the stylishly honored A-List.

With his porcelain composition, gelled hair, appealing eyes and solid whiskers game, Abbasi ensures he seems dandy by wearing fancy fashioner dresses. Be it a PTI Dharna or an honor appear, he doesn’t neglect to dress to dazzle.

Not all that challenging with regards to mold, you will discover Piyare Afzal for the most part wearing basic outfits yet looking uber-attractive consistently.

6) Wasim Akram

Someone needs to discover Wasim Akram’s turn around maturing mystery! Not just the amazing cricketer consistently seem tidy and legitimate, he likewise seems to have an inborn learning of fabulous dress, shoes, and watches.

Because he surfaces as a style symbol among the country’s cricket group, the lord of swing is frequently picked by originators to walk the slope in both Pakistan and Indian.

The games star worked up a serious rush on the phase of Telenor Bridal Couture Week 2015 where the cricketer showed up as the masterpiece for Asifa and Nabeel with his better half Shaniera.

7) Sheheryar Munawar

Shehreyar Munawar is one of those appealing Pakistani men, who have a high hormone ridden impact on ladies. The Hrithik Roshan resemble the other the same games peculiar dressing sense and obviously wants to fiddle with adaptable vogue.

8) Sikander Rizvi

Half-french, half-Pakistani, the tall, reasonable and absolutely attractive Sikander Rizvi has hotness over-burden and has stricken the women since his introduction in Dekh Magar Pyar Sey.

Regardless of whether on-screen or off, the smart Sikki’s own style packs a relentless punch and can try a normal person to dress dandily like him.

From pulling off the striped suit easily to wearing the sherwani like an Emperor, he has demonstrated that he can never make an off-base move with regards to mold.

9) Atif Aslam

Matched with his hypnotizing voice is Atif Aslam’s not too bad looks, making his fans significantly progressively gaga about the vocalist.

The star is for the most part ready to channel fun loving fashion looks and has a feeling of style explicit to him. Aslam gives off an impression of being mindful and positive in what he is wearing, frequently fiddling with brave hues, example and attire.

10) Imran Abbas

The reasonable cleaned and etched face, chocolate kid Imran Abbass appears to brandish a smooth and smooth style explanation. Infrequently, you will see him attempting his tryst with novel outfits and puts his best self forward in easygoing overcoats.

Enamored with superbly customized suits, the hunky Abbass has never bombed look refined and well-prepared.

Who wouldn’t wish that their beaus and spouses dressed like these very smooth and savvy folks! Our handpicked most sharp looking big name men from the country truely eclipse their fashion proclamations on each celebrity main street, easygoing gatherings, and great occasions.


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