10 Best Pongal Rangoli Designs To Try In 2019

Pongal, otherwise called Sankranti is one of the most favorable celebrations of Hindus. Also, individuals celebrate pongal by making rangoli designs in their home. Rangoli designs are generally even and excellent and it is accepted that goddess Lakshmi will see these rangoli plans and favor the family with riches. The plans are made by blending rice powder with various hues and tints.

10 Best Pongal Rangoli Designs To Try In 2019

Rangoli Designs For Pongal 2019

The topics pursued for rangoli structures shift from geometrical plans to the utilization of themes which symbolizes plants and creatures. Divine bodies are additionally delineated in rangoli structures. Pongal celebration indicates flourishing and delight. The beginning of this custom began in the territory of Maharashtra in India; be that as it may, presently it is exceptionally prevalent among different nations too. This craftsmanship is moved from the more established ages and this doesn’t require any conventional preparing. Here we have an assortment of top 10 rangoli plans for pongal/sankranti:

fabulous rangoli designs

1. The botanical structure in this remarkable rangoli configuration is very exceptional and is enclosed by the lotus bloom plan. The standard pink lotus has been controlled and purple and orange shades have been utilized in this plan. This structure is very basic yet exceptionally adept for the celebration day.

flower rangoli patterns designs

2. This pongal rangoli structure with dabs appears to be somewhat mind boggling than the first. A ton of beautiful shades are utilized in this superb structure. The surprising utilization of shades makes the plan novel. The blossom designs in the structure make it progressively appealing.

latest rangoli designs for sankranthi

3. This most recent plan is splendid with shades of pink, blue, orange and green. This structure is very troublesome from the above straightforward rangoli plans that we examined. This one of a kind plan adds more shading to the celebration.

rangoli designs with dots

4. This structure is by all accounts progressively brilliant with splendid blue hued base and yellow, purple, green and pink shades. The utilization of hues in an alternate way makes the plan lovely.

flowers rangoli design

5. This structure is very simple. The distinctive hued bloom designs utilized in this rangoli configuration makes it uncommon. This basic plan can finish your home in a basic manner.

bright blue rangoli design

6. This Rangoli configuration is lovely with its brilliant blue base. This basic plan causes the celebration to show up progressively brilliant. Fledglings in the field of rangoli configuration can likewise attempt this one.

simple rangoli designs

7. This basic rangoli configuration can make anybody the star of the day. The yellow, green, purple and saffron mix over the dark base makes the plan basically spectacular.

peacock rangoli designs

8. This one is an excellent rangoli structure with a peacock at its middle. The energetic hues utilized in this plan make it progressively appealing. The peacock is drawn utilizing splendid hues like yellow and orange. Apprentices can likewise try different things with this basic structure.

green rangoli designs

9. This one of a kind structure is alluring a result of the splendid green and yellow shades utilized. This structure is very basic.

sanskar rangoli bharti

10. The botanical example looks adept for the afternoon and a great deal of hues are utilized. The excellence of this structure lies in the unobtrusive hues utilized. Anybody with a touch of training can do this structure.

We trust you love these plans and do impart to us what you think about these rangoli structures.