13 Best Desi Desserts In Pakistan Everyone Should Try

Pakistan is a land brimming with indulgences. You can’t have enough of the magnificent assortment of nourishment that you can discover here. Among the assortment pastries are, by a long shot, the most adored by Pakistanis. What would we be able to state, we have a sweet tooth.

There are endless treats to attempt in Pakistan yet because of specific restrictions, we may be covering THIRTEEN best desi sweets that everybody should attempt at any rate once in their lifetime.


The rich mix of frozen yogurt, seasoned milk, jam and brilliant vermicelli is ideal for a healthy and filling pastry.




Hyderabadi rabri has been celebrated for its preference for whatever length of time that I can recollect. It resembles desi Ben and Jerry for a messed up heart.


Gulab Jamun

A regular dessert which the desi for the most part have so as to finish their full dinner is a Gulab Jamun. Delicate, sweet and accessible in various sizes; they give me a snapshot of sheer euphoria.

gulab jamun

Pal Chum

Pal Chums resemble Gulab Jamuns sister, just white. Likewise, there is nothing of the sort as having one mate pal. You in any event have two of them in one go, in the event that you are not diabetic!

Shahi Tukde

Something we can undoubtedly make at home and it unquestionably tastes astonishing. Shahi Tukre comprises of singed bread and cooked milk. Additionally, it tastes best when it’s hot and new.

shahi tukde


Invigorating in this agonizing summer heat, Kulfi is each pakistani’s youth love.




On the off chance that you haven’t had a thulli wali kheer, at that point you haven’t tasted the genuine kind of our desi dessert.


The most widely recognized desi dessert, known to be an ideal combo with samosa in Ramadan.

Gajar Ka Halwa

One can not turn out badly with a gajar ka halwa. It is the perfect measure of sweet and it is commonly decent to take a gander at. What would i be able to state, I love red and white!

gajar ka halwa

Sohan Halwa

Pakistani and Indian conventional sweet Sohan Halwa is begun from Multan, Pakistan. It is the claim to fame of Hafiz Halwa Shop Multan. They guarantee that Dewan Sawan Mal, the leader of Multan during the 1700s, concocted the formula. It’s set up by heating up the blend of water, sugar, milk, and cornflour until it goes to thick shape. Ghee keeps it from adhering to the skillet and saffron gives it a one of a kind flavor.

Multan ka Sohan Halwa is among one of our top picks. Be careful with the phony ones, however.

Khopra Pak

Made of coconut, as the name recommends, Khopra Pak is the perfect measure of sweet. It comes in different hues yet my most loved is the one in green shading. An unquestionable requirement attempt!

khopra pak

khopra pak

Sheer Khorma

Typically served on the primary day of Eid after Eid namaz so as to stamp the beginning of a day of festivity and dining experience. Sheer Khurma is generally delighted in when hot and is made of milk, vermicelli, sugar, nuts, dry organic product, ghee and fragranced with cardamom, kewra or saffron. Sheer khurma is normally smooth brilliant in shading and can be slight or medium-thick relying upon the cooking strategy.

sheer khorma

Ras Malai

Ras malai is a creative treat gotten from rasgulla sweet. It started in north-east subcontinent present Bangladesh quite a while back and is such a stand-out tasty treat that its fame spread out through Subcontinent quickly. Ras malai is white, delicate and smooth balls cooked in rich milk. Ras malai is made with paneer curd, milk, sugar and fragranced with cardamom, saffron, kewra or rosewater. It tastes best when cold.