13 Fictional Couples From Pakistani Dramas You Wish Were Real

Pakistani TV has unarguably offered to us the absolute most dearest couples; two characters so brilliantly ideal for each other that even the least of dramatization devotees can’t help ‘dispatch’ them together in an unquestionably progressively practical world. With disastrous stories that recount to their accounts so brilliantly, on-screen couples have sturdily engraved themselves into our souls as their lovely stories disentangle before us.

We start with ‘Sang-e Mar’ with Shireen and Aurung

Shireen and Aurung’s adoration was tearing. They were youth darlings and gone through pretty much consistently together, be that as it may, Aurung left to seek after his investigations, abandoning Shireen in a genuinely inflexible and in reverse town. While Shireen unfailingly adored Aurung until his arrival years after the fact, Aurung had long overlooked her. Pathetic love is all Shireen needs to clutch, representative through a peacock’s plume a youthful Aurung had given her once; it’s everything she knew. And keeping in mind that their romantic tale had a sad end, no two individuals fit more than these two buds.

Saman and Irtaza from ‘Container Roye’

While Saba without a doubt cherished Irtaza with everything that is in her, pathetic love, similar to Shireen’s as well, lamentably, shapes as the reason for her shock. Irtaza succumbs to Saman, and keeping in mind that many still yearned to have Irtaza with Saba, digging in profound into their characters will disclose the fiery science among Irtaza and Saman – something that honestly wasn’t there on account of Saba. Irtaza just considered Saba to be a more youthful, silly companion; he succumbed to Saman, and had she not kicked the bucket, they would have had a non-passing adoration together.

Mannu and Salahuddin from ‘Mann Mayal’

Salahuddin was modest, kind and fantastically calm. Couple that attitude with Mannu’s trivial and virtuous nature and you get a remarkable striking unique pair. The two adored each other from the earliest starting point in a staggeringly inferred way, yet class differences destroyed the two. At the point when Mannu’s damaging spouse at long last frees her, Salahuddin eagerly steps in.

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Kashaf and Zaroon from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’

Kashaf and Zaroon were both unfathomably solid headed, with seething characters and an inflexibility that was frequently catalyzed by swelled inner selves. Regardless, when the two frequently battled, sparkles began flying and touched off something very phenomenal; two individuals from incredibly, various foundations experienced passionate feelings for – just reestablishing the way that adoration genuinely holds no limits.

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Zara and Aunn from ‘Aunn Zara’

Both as difficult and ruined as one another, Zara and Aunn made a brilliantly hilarious pair – and truly, nobody else would endure them the manner in which they do with one another; a match really made in paradise we state. All through every one of the trickeries and obstacles that accompany wedded life, both remain consistent with each other.

Surriyah and Saleem from ‘Dastaan’

‘Dastaan’ told the story of pre-parcel India and how the situations that developed tore a family separated. Surriyah and Saleem were love birds and scarcely fraternized before both were mercilessly killed during a startling night assault on their home. They had the most delightful minutes together – delicate, delicate and quieted. Surriyah was radiantly timid and saved, and Saleem was conscious however delightfully evil as well. The pair were magnificent together and had the most sad ruin.

Farah and Afzal from ‘Pyarey Afzal’

Afzal discreetly adored Farah from far off however was constantly sad in blending it further; writing letters to himself from Farah was his lone place of refuge. They hung out and had a lamentable end when Farah finally admitted her adoration to a previously besotted Afzal. Farah’s unstable demeanor was her greatest deterrent to acknowledging how benevolent Afzal was in his affection for her – and she understood it very late. Time truly is never on our side.

Zubia and Asfandyar from ‘Yakeen Ka Safar’

Two spirits, both who have had the most dreadful past crash as destiny weaves them together. Zubia has been left a hermit, everlastingly living in the breaks of her skeletons, while Asfandyar was left broken after the demise of his dear sibling Daniyal. And keeping in mind that both are modest, saved and unimaginably indifferent, their affection for each other has bloomed immensely. They’re both from a similar stardust, as we’ve referenced before as well.

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Suhaib and Anjumand from ‘Diyar-e-Dil’

This superb show delivered Anjumand and Suhaib, two grief stricken people who were constrained into an orchestrated marriage by Suhaib’s dad Agha Jaan. Their adoration was moderate, and not constrained. Suhaib and Anjumand acknowledged how well they bode together as time passed – both were quiet, gathered and warm. The two of them radiated a mind blowing consideration, and went through a glad time on earth together, before Suhaib’s sudden passing.

Khirad and Ashar from ‘Humsafar’

Khirad never influenced from being the saved, kind and sweet young lady that she was. Ashar was reclaimed by her character, and in a flash succumbed to her – regularly asking himself what he did to merit somebody so superb thus practical. Their marriage also was organized, but through lamentable conditions – yet love works in senseless manners, and for Khirad and Ashar, their story was formed superbly.

Sammi and Salar from ‘Sammi’

Sammi and Salar had an exceptionally short lived fellowship. Salar was benevolent, and venerated Sammi, regularly communicating his love for her. Sammi anyway didn’t love him; maybe she did, yet her tempestuous past might have obscured her from deduction very unmistakably. Destiny took Salar away very soon when he meets with a mishap, that too after he is outrageously thumped by Sammi’s somewhat pyschotic sibling.

Romaisa and Nabeel from ‘Mohabat Subh Ka Sitara’

Nabeel – rich, running and a carbon copy of what I accept to be Prince Charming – falls for the perfectly unassertive and tame Romaisa. They were fantastic together, and Nabeel’s hounded assurance to keep Romaisa cheerful no matter what was splendid; Romaisa invested the majority of the energy not having the option to fathom Nabeel’s adoration for her – and when things were finally settling down, Nabeel was slaughtered – disregarding Romaisa and in obscurity again.


Anmol and Mohid from ‘Dil Lagi’

Anmol and Mohid – both were definitive, intrepid and wrathful, bringing about quintessential elements for an inferno of a couple. Mohid shamefully seeks after Anmol, and keeping in mind that his staggeringly alarming character deflected many, Anmol remained determined. Anyway Mohid changed himself for Anmol, and his interest in turning into a changed man for her was lovely.

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