13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Hurghada

Hurghada is Egypt’s most seasoned and most celebrated hotel. Seaward is the beautiful and odd Red Sea universe of coral and fish life that originally brought Hurghada to overall consideration, while back on strong ground, the once modest angling settlement has mushroomed into a resort city providing food legitimately to the travel industry.

For northern Europeans (who make up the greater part of Hurghada’s travel industry flood) this is a prime winter-escape goal, with sandy white sea shores and blue skies in plenitude consistently. Be that as it may, while Hurghada’s principle fascination will in general be floundering on the sea shore, there’s bounty increasingly, both in the water and on dry land, for voyagers who need a sample of experience. For thoughts, see our rundown of the top vacation spots and activities in Hurghada.

1. Giftun Islands

Giftun Islands

The Giftun Islands are one of Hurghada’s most prominent pontoon journeys, with prime swaths of white sand to absorb the beams, and swimming open doors in abundance on offer. For the individuals who aren’t scuba jumping fans, the effectively gotten to coral reefs encompassing the island shore are a magnificent tester of the Red Sea’s excellence. Swimming or even simply rowing near shore, you can spot a lot of fish life fluttering through the reasonable water. Those not inspired by submerged endeavors can basically guarantee a palm-frond cover on the sea shore, sit back, and appreciate the sun.

2. Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina is a somewhat wash and present day expansion to the focal region of Sigala and the town’s significant eating goal. At nightfall, this is the spot to promenade while absorbing the remainder of the night light before going to one of the numerous bistros or cafés for a supper. Feasting with sees over the swaying yachts and the Red Sea extending to the skyline can’t be beaten.

Address: Hurghada Marina Promenade, Sigala

3. Waterways of Gubal

Straits of Gubal

Egypt’s Straits of Gubal, a restricted segment of water crushed between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula, is one of the nation’s significant plunging goals and is effectively gotten to from Hurghada. This current waterway’s tremendous coral zeniths have demonstrated a precarious client for sailors attempting to explore through here over the hundreds of years, and today, it is famous for its disaster area plunging. Egypt’s most renowned wreck, The Thistlegorm (a WWII load send that French jumper Jacques Cousteau found while investigating the region during the 1950s) is among the waterway’s many plunge destinations.

4. Sea shores


Hurghada’s best fixes of sand have all been asserted by the shore-side hotels that stretch along the coast on the two sides of town. Regardless of whether you’re not remaining in one of the inns, almost the entirety of the hotels offer day access to non-visitors. To truly test Hurghada’s sea shore life however, you should book yourself in for a couple of evenings of resort living.

The best sea shores lie south of the fundamental town region (called Sigala) in the blandly named “Resort Strip.” Travel somewhat more remote south, and you get to the territory known as Sahl Hasheesh, which is home to a portion of the Red Sea coastline’s prime bits of white-sand sea shore and best lodgings.

5. Sindbad Submarine

Sindbad Submarine

On the off chance that you would prefer not to consider making the plunge, this traveler submarine — the just one working on the Red Sea — brings travelers down to a profundity of 22 meters under the water for a look at the Red Sea’s copious coral and fish life, all without placing a toe in the ocean. Excursions take around 60 minutes, and in spite of the fact that they don’t go far seaward where the better coral can be seen, for non-swimmers, it gives a chance to see the enchanted world beneath the surface.

6. Desert Jeep Expeditions and Quad Biking

Desert Jeep Expeditions & Quad Biking

With so much activity occurring in the water, a few voyagers overlook that back inland there’s a whole desert world to investigate. Among Hurghada’s generally mainstream on-the-ground activities are quad biking, jeep campaigns, and ridge carriage stumbles into the sand rise hinterland. You don’t need to travel far away street from the hotel town to find the acacia tree studded watercourses (valleys), sandwiched in by red-tinged mountains, that make up a large portion of the scene of the Eastern Desert.

A well known approach to encounter this desert hinterland is on the five-hour quad bicycle safari in Hurghada, which incorporates a break at a Bedouin town and a camel ride.

7. Camel Rides

Camel Rides

Regardless of whether you need to take a short walk around the sea shore (incredible for the children) or are searching for a more drawn out a couple of hour ride into the desert, the entirety of Hurghada’s retreats offer an opportunity to test camel riding. Longer trips ordinarily head out to one of the Bedouin settlements not a long way from town and offer an opportunity to see the desert scene from the high saddle. All are guided by Bedouin camel-men, so you don’t need to worry about touchy camels all of a sudden shooting off into a jog, and you can just kick back and appreciate the perspectives.

8. Galactic Nights

Hurghada’s twinkling city lights may scupper any plans of sky-viewing while inside the town itself, however one of the most well known evening attractions for guests here are the galactic night visits, where your evening center is totally around the elegant desert sky you had always wanted.

Outings venture out of the city after sunset and into the forlorn desert, where you’ll go through a night turning upward into the miracles of the night sky with a telescope available for closer investigation. With the mind blowing clear skies in this piece of the world, it’s probably the most obvious opportunity the vast majority have of seeing the full magnificence of the stars.

9. Bedouin Dinner Tours

Bedouin Dinner Tours

Another amazingly mainstream evening vacation destination in the Hurghada zone are the Bedouin supper visits offered by numerous individuals of the hotels. For foodie explorers this is an absolute necessity accomplish for the opportunity to test the healthy Egyptian dishes that never make it onto café menus. Visits head out to close by Bedouin settlements to devour delightful neighborhood cooking while at the same time leaning back on bright pads in a customary Bedouin tent setting. It’s an environmental method to be acquainted with Egypt’s brilliant cluster of home-style cooking.

10. Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites

This plunging region, only north of Shadwan Island, around 65 kilometers southeast of Hurghada, is an awesome site to submerge into the ocean with five wrecks to investigate. The primary fascination is the disaster area of the Carnatic, a UK load dispatch soaked in 1869, which is still in staggeringly great condition with its skeletal stays home to thriving coral and plentiful fish life. The Greek ship Chrisoula K (soaked in 1981) and the German Kimon M (soaked in 1978) are two progressively prominent wreck makes a plunge this zone with a lot of chances to spot lionfish, triggerfish, and pipefish among the destruction.

11. Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site

Referred to likewise as “The Aquarium,” Gota Abu Ramada is a divider jump site with tremendous measures of marine life. One of the most well known plunge destinations close Hurghada, it is utilized by many jump administrators as an attempt plunge site for amateur jumpers, yet further developed and experienced jumpers will likewise appreciate the immense assortment of ocean life. Triggerfish, lionfish, and clownfish are continually zooming through the ethereal blue waters here, and numerous jumpers additionally figure out how to see the occupant hawk beams.

12. Hurghada Aquarium

On the off chance that you’ve been out swimming or jumping and need to recognize what you’ve seen, at that point Hurghada Aquarium in the northern piece of town (known as Ad-Dahar) can support you. Nowadays, the aquarium is demonstrating its age and could do with an update, however despite everything it has the main not too bad show of Red Sea marine life in Hurghada. For non-swimmers, it’s additionally a decent opportunity to see the Red Sea’s copious fish life very close.

13. Swimming in Hurghada

Hurghada has some mysterious destinations to investigate submerged. Clearly one of the top activities here is jumping, however plunging isn’t for everybody, and numerous individuals are increasingly happy with swimming. You can encounter a significant number of the equivalent submerged attractions on a swimming excursion.

A decent choice is the Red Sea swimming trip, which incorporates pickup and drop-off from your Hurghada inn and an entire day vessel trip, with lunch, visiting three of the coast’s prime swimming stops, with a lot of time for unwinding on board also.

Where to Stay in Hurghada for Sightseeing

  • Lavish Hotels: South of town, the Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh is an extravagance beachfront resort with a rambling pool and various eateries. For families, the movement group and children’s club settle on this a decent decision.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: The SUNRISE Garden Beach Resort is a comprehensive resort with a decent portion of beachfront and a lot of activities for the individuals who need to accomplish more than absorb the sun. Enhancements and exercises incorporate a water park, brilliant spa, and tennis courts, in addition to horseback riding and arrow based weaponry. The reasonable, comprehensive Jaz Makadi Saraya Resort is another great decision for a scope of exercises, with its very own water park, tennis court, spa medications, and plunge focus.
  • Spending Hotels: In El Gouna, north of Hurghada, Cook’s Club Lambi Kos has an incredible area on the focal tidal pond, agreeable rooms, an enticing pool, and a piece of private sea shore.