14 Milli Naghmay for 14th August

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By Omair Alavi

It has been a long time since the formation of our country; as a country, we have accomplished a ton over the most recent 7 decades. Every year, we commend the Independence Day more than ever and the lovely pieces of yesteryears encourages us reestablish our dependability to our nation. This year how about we observe Independence with 14 national tunes (in sequential request) that are evergreen, confidence boosting and energy initiating – 365 days a year!

Yes Watan Pak Watan

Khalil Ahmed might not have been in the class of Sohail Rana and Nisar Bazmi however he has given endless devoted hits including this melody. Ustad Amanat Ali Khan was large and in charge when he rendered the lines ‘Insignificant mehboob watan tujh pe agar jaan ho nisaar’ by Amjad Hussain. The melody was reproduced with Amanat’s child Shafqat who sang it for 2017 release Yalghaar and paid a befitting tribute to his dad.

Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhay

Many have sung this Sohail Rana structure including Shehnaz Begum and Mehdi Hassan yet Habib Wali Mohammad’s form reverberates with the last 2 ages, as it doesn’t get old. Indeed, even Masroor Anwar wouldn’t have realized that his refrains — “Hit tak hai yeh duniya baqi, murmur dekhen azad tujhe” — will help in catching the audience members’ creative mind and furthermore make his melody unfading!

Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai

Mehdi Hassan made this Nisar Bazmi number his very own by conveying it with feelings required from the maestro. Kaleem Usmani’s verses haven’t been exceptional over the most recent 3 decades making this melody extraordinary compared to other wrote, formed and sung!

Fundamental Bhi Pakistan Hoon

Sung by Iran-conceived Mohammad Ali Shyhaki who came to Pakistan to study and later made it his home, this Sohail Rana great had everything required to make it the primary pop enthusiastic number – straightforward verses by Sehba Akhtar, crisp vocals by Shyhaki and a then-creative taping procedure. The tune depicts every one of the four territories and their attributes and is played at whatever point we feel devoted!

Zameen Ki Goad

Mohammad Ifrahim seemed like his tutor Mohammad Rafi and that is the reason he was picked to sing Asad Mohammad Khan’s verses on Sohail Rana’s arrangement. Nobody else could have sung the number like Ifrahim did as he amazingly controls his voice and pitch, something others wouldn’t have had the option to do. Additionally, this is the main Pakistani tune that doesn’t have the word ‘Pakistan’ in it, making it remarkable in its own particular manner!

Khayal Rakhna

Alamgir was brought up in East Pakistan before he turned into a Pakistani after 1971; he brings the sentiments of another Pakistani to this Nisar Bazmi organization where Tahir Pervez pens the words Watan Se Hum Hain, Watan Hai Hum Se as an exhortation to the adolescent. Two of the three Benjamin Sisters likewise advanced toward fame as the tune to the beautiful tune!

Tera Pakistan Hai

The pitch, the range and the feelings required for this Sohail Rana sythesis and Sehba Akhtar’s verses were given by Amjad Hussain who went onto become mainstream as a people artist. His looks at “Yeh minor Quaid ki jeeti jaagti tasveer” and “Hazrat e Iqbal kay Khwabon ki yeh tabeer are beyond words!

Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna

Sahira Kazmi must be recognized for breathing life into this Khalil Ahmed creation with a music video that is as yet unparalleled. Nayyara Noor revives Masroor Anwar’s verses who makes the mitti a observer before lauding the homeland. For the individuals who don’t have a clue, Ali Kazmi and Faran Akhtar – both global symbols of Pakistan – are appeared in the video, the last as the child and the previous as the adult. That was when Faran had hair though, in Hollywood, he is the uncovered person who played Star Trek Captain just as Iron Man lowlife!

Murmur Zinda Qaum Hain

Nisar Bazmi used upwards of four specialists – Benjamin Sisters being viewed as one – for this vigorous tune that went onto become a national tune of dedication of sorts. While the district wasn’t new to Amjad Hussain and Benjamin Sisters, it was Fatima Jafri and Tehseen Javed’s most prominent hit till by then.

Affirmative Jawan – Awaz

Whenever Haroon and Fakhir were a group, they were superb and their last cooperation as Awaz demonstrated to be their most critical national melody. Coordinated by Asim Raza and composed by Adeem Hashmi, the melody was one of the last to be perceived as an evergreen energetic number. Tragically, Haroon and Fakhir went their different ways after this number turned into a gigantic achievement.

Yes Meri Sar Zameen Roshan

This Arshad Mahmud – Amir Zaki joint effort is perhaps the best enthusiastic tune highlighting different artists from Farida Khanum to Reshma, Ghulam Ali to Hamid Ali Khan, Junaid Jamshed to Tahira Syed, etc. Hasan Akbar Kamal wrote the verses to this brilliant number that remaining parts one of the last energetic numbers created by PTV.