15 Beautiful Flowering Plants With Medicinal Uses

In the Morden period of home grown prescription, one of the primary elements for their medications are plants, blossoms, seeds or root. Here is the rundown of blooming plants utilized in herbalism or in home grown drug to treat human sicknesses.


Tagetes or marigold plant has been utilized for safe reaction, stomach torment and other restorative purposes. The marigold blossoms are utilized in festoons, improvement for weddings, celebrations and strict occasions in India.


Hibiscus are elaborate plants and hibiscus blooms are utilized to make home grown tea around the globe. The medical advantages of hibiscus tea support stomach related and invulnerable framework.


Sunflower seeds are an incredible wellspring of nutrients, phosphorus, magnesium and different minerals. They additionally bolsters absorption, controls hypertension and sound skin.


Lavender have been utilized as fancy plants for nursery and scene. The blossom buds are utilized as species in cooking and its oil is utilized to treat recuperate consumes and wounds.


Echinacea blooming plants from daisy family and assumed restorative characteristics. Echinacea tea helps the invulnerable framework, underpins oral wellbeing and great wellspring of cancer prevention agents like nutrient C.


Chamomile are normally used to make herb with therapeutic employments. The delightful Chamomile and bloom tea are best for healthy skin, runny nose and sore throat.


Yarrow blossoming plant has verifiable use in customary medication, to treat cerebral pains and fight wounds. Achillea millefolium or regular yarrow is local to Asia and Europe.


Cornflower utilized as one of the primary fixing in tea mixes and home grown teas. The Centaurea cyanus treat fever, Constipation and liver issue.

Peganum Harmala

Peganum Harmala is a therapeutic plants and has cancer prevention agent and antimutagenic properties. The seeds are useful for healthy skin, toothache and will lessen stomachache.

Energy Flower

Energy Flower, root and new or dried leaves are utilized distinctly for transient therapeutic purposes. The incredible nearness of cancer prevention agent mixes are help to lessen hypertension and sadness.

Swamp Mallow

The leaves, blooms and the base of Althaea officinalis are utilized for conventional home grown prescription. Bog mallow customarily utilized for aggravation alleviation, mouth ulcers and stomach diseases.


Feverfew plant is a customary restorative herb and at times developed for adornment. Tanacetum parthenium most usually utilized in headache and normal cerebral pains.

Indian Lotus

Indian Lotus is an oceanic plant and the national bloom of India. All pieces of lotus blossom are consumable and its blooms, leaves and seeds have been utilized in Ayurveda for loose bowels, cholera and fever.

Late evening Flowering Jasmine

Late evening Flowering Jasmine otherwise called parijat has been utilized for restorative purposes in Ayurveda. Parijata leaves are utilized for treatment of knee torment and to treats sore throat.

Milk Thistle

Silybum marianum have been referred to be utilized as nourishment and furthermore used to treat liver issues and treatment of malignant growth. The blooming plant is local of Europe and Asia, likewise utilized as an enriching component in nurseries.