15 Best Things To Do In Syria in 2019

In August 2019 I chose to go to Syria? The primary thing everybody said was obviously: ‘would you say you are crazy!?’. A justifiable response yet it didn’t alter my perspective. I heard that it was sheltered to venture out to Syria in 2019 and I needed to see the Syria vacation spots for a long time as of now. There are such huge numbers of stunning activities in Syria that numerous years prior it beat the bucketlist of numerous explorers. At the point when the war began in 2011, everything changed…

Before I reveal to all of you the best activities in Syria I will rapidly clarify a smidgen about my excursion and about the wellbeing issues when making a trip to Syria in 2019.

My excursion to Syria

This Syria sightseeing web journal is composed dependent on MY OWN encounters on my outing to Syria in August 2019. It was MY OWN plan to head out to Syria, nobody has constrained me to go, nor did anybody drive me to compose writes about Syria.

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To date it is the most costly outing I have ever done in 7 years around the globe as a full time traveler. My visit was orchestrated with a free Syria travel office running Syria visits for over 30 years.

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I needed to visit Syria because not exclusively to see all the astounding spots to find in Syria, yet in addition to connect with the incredibly benevolent Syrian individuals and show the world that NOT everything about Syria is negative!

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Truly I feel profoundly disheartened for those Syrians that needed to keep running for their lives and are not ready to return to their country. Yet, let me guarantee you that I travel to learn, to improve as an individual from all that I experience out and about. The main individuals I needed to help with my outing to Syria are those Syrians I met in the city, local people.

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Is it safe to head out to Syria?

Obviously that is the primary inquiry I might want to examine. Clearly I didn’t wanna chance my life to see all the Syria attractions so I did a little research. Prevailing press are not the spots to do your exploration. At the point when you are prepared to venture out to Syria in 2019, Im almost certain you know about that as of now.

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I connected with individuals that of late traveled to Syria. How? Web-based social networking, online journals, and so on. These are the individuals that can truly let you know whether it is sheltered to head out to Syria in 2019. Instagram is a decent source, however you have just discovered my Syria sightseeing web journal and I can disclose to you I didn’t feel awkward or at all on my week long outing to Syria.

Syria travel guidance

Indeed there is a negative travel guidance for Syria and that is on the grounds that authoritatively there is as yet a war progressing. Very much let me reveal to you that isn’t the place you need to go and you won’t have the option to obviously. Every one of the activities in Syria that I am indicating you are protected to go.

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10 Things to do in Syria in 2019

Aside from Palmyra and Latakia, all the Syria attractions recorded beneath I had the option to visit myself on a multi week Syria schedule. Toward the finish of this blog I will likewise show you my Syria agenda.

1. Palmyra

For a long time this was the most notorious Syria vacation destination, yet shockingly it endured vigorously during the Syrian War and a ton of this recorded site got crushed. This archeological site and the most prevalent vacation spot in Syria was worked in 200 AD by the Romans. The remains of this city are notable to such an extent that I recollect them from one of the main travel books I once got when I was a child. Palmyra was one reason I seriously needed to visit Syria.

I am uninformed of the present status of Palmyra as I didn’t get a license to visit in August 2019. Truly to visit Palmyra in 2019 you need an exceptional license. This has nothing to do with your visa, this grant must be by and by affirmed by the high authorities in the military.

A few vacationers are fortunate to get a license (no additional costs, just security), some are most certainly not. Be that as it may, then again now I have a legitimate motivation to go to Syria again later on.

2. Krak des Chevaliers

One of the most safeguarded medieval strongholds on the planet can be found in Syria on a slope not very a long way from the city of Homs. It was worked in the eleventh century and its size is genuinely great. It persevered through the Syrian war truly damn well, yet taking a gander at its grand size I am almost certain it will at present be there an additional quite a while from now. Krak des Chevalier was one of my Syria features.

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At the point when I got the primary look at Krak de Chevalier I was in wonderment and in the wake of taking numerous photographs from outside we visited for just about 2 hours inside the palace. Our guide was revealing to one intriguing story after the other. There are many concealed rooms and the view from the top is astounding. Peruse progressively about it my Krak des Chevalier blog.

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3. Bosra

At the point when we plunked down for a tea in the wake of visiting Bosra we heard that we were the first European voyagers in quite a while! I couldn’t accept my eyes, since when you travel to Syria make a point to incorporate this in your schedule if conceivable! The Bosra amphitheater and the remains of the old city are probably the best activity in Syria in 2019 without a doubt.

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Sorry Italians, however the gigantic amphitheater in Bosra is substantially more noteworthy than the Colosseum in Rome. This spot knocked my socks off and expounding on this spot to visit in Syria makes me grin once more. Then again it likewise makes me a little tragic realizing that this special vacation spot has been not able visit for such huge numbers of years. Bosra is situated in the south of Syria on the Jordan fringe, around 1,5 hours drive from Damascus.

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Behind the Amphitheater you will discover the remains of the old city of Bosra going back to 200 AD. Unfathomable to stroll through too and even our guide had not been in 9 years time. He was the same amount of a sightseers as me. As per his words a large portion of this Syria fascination has persevered through the war really well.

4. Damascus

Presently that I previously disclosed to you my 3 most loved activities in Syria I can begin with the capital. Being perhaps the most seasoned capital on the planet, Damascus clearly is a meltpot of societies and a bit of antiquated history can be found on each traffic intersection. Little entryways opening to stunning yards, concealed underground temples, the enormous Damascus souk and obviously the most noteworthy Umayyad Mosque, probably the best activity in Damascus. Likewise remember to become mixed up in the thin roads in the Christian quarter and for a decent housetop eatery with sees over the city go to Naranj.

One of my best Damascus travel tips is to go on a guided city visit and I can prescribe you the accompanying aide: Ghassan +963 933 334 416. This incredibly amicable and patient guide was a legend, so kind and quiet. He is a Christian living in Damascus for his entire life, who can disclose to you the concealed corners in the Christian quarter just as in the Muslim zones.

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Over that one of my Syria travel tips is to go out around evening time! Truly go party in the Christian Quarter in Damascus, there are numerous bars and even a few housetops. It is absolutely protected in Damascus to stroll around without anyone else around evening time. In any event that was my experience!

See here the recordings on my Instagram anecdote about Damascus here including the gathering, resting in a mosque, the places of worship and losing all sense of direction in the restricted avenues.

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5. Aleppo

The second greatest city and a significant Syria vacation destination before the war. In the no so distant past it revived its ways to universal visitors and when you are visiting Syria attempt to add this to your Syria schedule. Tragically two of the best activities in Aleppo got totally devastated during the war: the Aleppo Great Mosque and the Aleppo Souk. The mosque is shut for guests as it is one major building site, yet the souk is open, albeit remade for about 10% right now.

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So why try going you may ask yourself when it is totally annihilated in the Syrian War? At this moment the Aleppo incredible Mosque is under development and they are revamping it from the beginning. The Aleppo souk was in all out 12 kilometers in length and is a living history. Here I met a few people, plunked down and had tea with them while tuning in to their tales about the past, the war and what’s to come. Walking around the remaining parts of the Aleppo souk was one of my Syria features, a passionate experience.

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Beside the decimation there is the Aleppo bastion, a stronghold over a slope. The Aleppo palace is endure the war and is a stunning spot to visit in Aleppo. You can climb right to the highest point of one of the watch towers which will give you a 360 view over this huge city.

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Around evening time the territory around the bastion is very enthusiastic and the stroll around the palace dividers resembles an avenue with tea houses and eateries specked en route. We went out celebrating, see my Instagram stories. Visiting Aleppo on you excursion to Syria will be absolutely justified, despite all the trouble and remember to eat customary Aleppo Kebab.

6. Colony Houses

As a result of the continuous war in the Northwest of Syria the parkway among Hama and Aleppo is shut. To visit Aleppo you need to make an alternate route through the desert, yet that will carry you to the remaining parts of the acclaimed Beehive Villages. These mud houses were intended for life in the desert yet left as of now for quite a while. These left towns presently ended up one of the Syria vacation destinations. You can discover them around the Al Jaboul Lake.

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7. Salt Lake (Al Jaboul Lake)

Syria has its own salt lake worth adding to your rundown of activities in Syria. It is found only an hour Southeast of Aleppo and immaculate to add to your schedule together with the Beehive towns. The roadway towards Aleppo tracks with the Salt Lake for a piece and you can’t miss it. The neighborly specialists will clearly welcome you for a tea when you stop here.

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8. Hama

By and by I was not a huge enthusiast of Hama. Not saying it does not merit visiting, however it isn’t beating my rundown of best activities in Syria. Hama is renowned for its noteworthy waterwheels and recorded water system framework. The wooden water wheels can arrive at lengths up to 30 meters in inclining. The city is spotted with a great deal of them.

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The tight roads in the old city are additionally worth walking around and there you will discover a café covered up in an astonishing yard. It reminded me somewhat about my excursion to Iran where I discovered heaps of these sort of spots. The name of the café is Aspasia. When visiting Hama certainly go here for supper or lunch, see the recordings on my Instagram Stories 2.

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Around evening time the boulevards of Hama resembled one major night advertise, practically like Thailand style. It likewise was the most moderate spot I have ever been after Iran.

9. Homs

Shockingly Homs is one fo the spots that endured a ton in the Syrian War and numerous Syria vacation destinations got decimated. I certainly don’t urge you to visit survives from a combat area, yet what I saw in Homs was unbelievable. Walking around the interminable pulverization in Homs, made me reevaluate about a great deal of things throughout everyday life. The pitiful truth of what individuals do to one another…

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In the pulverization in Homs there is an excellent reestablished mosque. It was one of the most great activities in Syria. While sitting inside a wonderful reestablished mosque in the core of the most noticeably awful dangerous territory in Syria I basically lost it. Visiting Homs will be enthusiastic, however justified, despite all the trouble on your excursion to Syria!

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10. Sednaya

Visiting Sednaya was put on my Syria schedule as opposed to going to Palmyra. Thinking back Sednaya was an extraordinary spot to visit in Syria. This mountain town found 1,500 meter above ocean level is most acclaimed for its Greek Orthodox Monastary over a slope. As indicated by the legends of the Christians AND the Muslims Holy Virgin Mary showed up here at the Our Lady of Saidnaya Monastery. Move up to the highest point of the religious community for astonishing perspectives over this mountain town.

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Sednaya is found just 30 kilometers north of Damascus and simple to visit on a day trip from Damascu

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