15 Latest Gold Bangles in 10 Grams

Gold bangles have their very own one of a kind spot in Indian adornments. Regardless of whether it is an event to respect the recently married spouse or the infant shower of any to be a mother, gifting gold things have been a good karma for them for a fresh start. Likewise, the gold bangle structures have raised some progressive changes in its plan which make it appropriate for gatherings and normal wear as well. The most recent stylish structure in gold bangles is the 10 gram gold bangle plans. They not just give a fragile appearance with appealing structures but on the other hand are light to convey.

Gold bangles have their very own one of a kind spot in Indian gems. Regardless of whether it is an event to respect the recently married spouse or the infant shower of any future mother, gifting gold things have been a good karma for them for a fresh start. Likewise, the gold bangle plans have seen some sensational changes in their structure to suit any event, from a stupendous wedding to an in vogue mixed drink party. 10gm Gold bangles are the most recent pattern in the gold adornments fragment. They are picking up prevalence for their cost-effective, lightweight and in vogue plans.

Distinctive Gold Bangles Designs In 10 Grams:

How about we look at certain structures which must be incorporated into your bangle gathering.

1. Dot Design Gold Bangles:

A dot plan in the gold bangles in 10 grams has snatched the hearts of a few ladies. The bangle is studded with a few round dots fixed on the bangle. The four bangle set gives an ideal match to conventional sarees for the most part for religious capacities.

2. Single Diamond Gold Bangle:

Searching for a contemporary single bangle plan? This gold bangle plan in 10 grams studded with precious stones, is ideal for you. The bangle is given a blanket surface with precious stone shape configuration embellished in it. One can even pick two bangles and wear them as a couple. It is beautiful on dresses for ethnic capacities.

3. Architect Gold Bangle:

This gold bangle is an announcement piece that comes generally as a solitary bangle. It has sensitive botanical carvings to make it look stylish and substantial simultaneously. It is a perfect pick for Indian wear and even on western outfits for a combination look. The plan is likewise reasonable for gatherings on long outfits.

4. Kundan Gold Bangle:

These gold bangles in 10gm are studded with lovely kundans and accompany a couple of slight gold bangles to make a set. The plan is otherwise called Jadau bangles in some piece of India generally Gujarat.

5. Double Design Gold Bangle:

An extravagant plan in gold bangles of 10 grams is given both basic and net sort structure. The double bangle set is made half with a net structure which adds to its style to wear it over dresses and ethnic wear. They can likewise be worn on ethnic and combination wear.

6. Awe-inspiring Gold Bangle:

Searching for something interesting to decorate your hands? This heavenly thrilling gold bangles with a weight of 10 grams is an extraordinary counterpart for dresses, kurti and furthermore western wear. The plan accompanies flower designs, studded with wonderful precious stones.

7. Ganga Jamuna Gold Bangle:

Another developing example in the gold bangles in 10 gms is the Ganga Jamuna bangle structure. The bangle arrives in a chain of in brilliant and silver leaves secured one another. The structure is an ideal counterpart for straightforward customary outfits, where you can feature the look with these bangles.

8. Basic Gold Bangle:

In a lot of two or single, this gold bangle generally utilized for standard wear and is made in 10 gms of gold. The bangle is given botanical structure embellished for a glistening look. The bangle can be worn as a solitary piece or can be joined with a few bangles.

9. Machine Gold Bangle:

Another plan rising in the market is the machine structured gold bangles in 10 gms. The bangles arrive in a lot of twelve bangles which can be joined with any bangle set of different hues. The cuts on the bangles give them the sparkle and brightness.

10. Plain Gold Bangles:

A charming structure to convey in 10 gms gold bangles is the one which is made without any examples or plans however is as yet cute. The plain bangles can be worn for customary wear went with ethnic or western wear. The bangles can be worn on single hand also.

11. Peacock Designed Gold Bangle:

Peacock structures have been an imperial plan to convey for any event. The plain gold bangle is given an arm jewelery look, with a peacock configuration studded with valuable stones in it. This is an ideal pick for night parties and can likewise wear ordinary.

12. Patla Gold Bangle Design:


A gold bangle structure in a solitary with 10 grams of gold getting by means of nowadays is the Patla plan. The gold bangle is given flower and other mehendi configuration decorated on it with the utilization of a machine. The bangle can be conveyed for a differentiation look on dresses and sarees at times.

13. Fragile Gold Bangle:

This sensitive flower roused gold bangles come in 10gms as an arm ornament model. The parts of the bargains are given a double leaf design which is associated with a round jewel. The example makes it reasonable for all sort of outfits and furthermore as a stunning blessing to your woman love.

14. Leaf Designed Gold Bangle:

Searching for an alternate bangle structure with crisscross edges on it? Here is a brilliant verdant bangle configuration produced using 10 grams of gold. The bangle is made with a few little leaves and is decorated with white stones. This structure is flexible and can coordinate practically any Indian outfit.

15. Pearl Gold Bangle:

This double example gold bangle comes in 10gms, where some bit of the bangle is made with pearl while the other half arrives in a carefully cut plan in gold. The pearls can be supplanted with stones or precious stones of your decision.

In the period where individuals wish to wear something one of a kind for each event, 10gm gold bangles are the ideal choice for them. In addition to the fact that they are light-weight, however they likewise come in various plans to suit any outfit. These gold bangles can be purchased righteous as they are light on the pocket, contrasted with the conventional gold bangles that typically come in 40 to 50gms. They are additionally ideal for adolescents and little youngsters, who wish to don gold, yet look chic and in vogue.