17 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Sharm el-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheik is the Sinai Peninsula’s significant the travel industry focus and one of the world’s top plunging goals. It was the submerged marvels of the Red Sea — especially the waters of the Ras Mohammed Marine Park only south of town — that put “Sharm” all important focal point in any case, and the plunging and swimming on offer here keep on pulling in herds of jumping aficionados every year.

This is additionally perhaps the best goal in the event that you simply need to relax on the sea shore, and it’s a specific most loved for family-accommodating occasions because of the magnificent offices on offer. Regardless of whether you’re here for the sand or the ocean life, Sharm el-Sheik is an incredible decision for a sea shore break in the wake of investigating the sanctuaries and tombs in the remainder of the nation. Plan your outing with our rundown of the top attractions and activities in Sharm el-Sheik.

1. Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park is the thing that put Sharm el-Sheik on the vacationer map. Encompassed by a portion of the world’s most mind blowing jump locales, this promontory is home to great sea shores with phenomenal swimming simply seaward, the world’s second most northerly mangrove woodland, and a saltwater lake. An excursion here is an unquestionable requirement accomplish for anybody remaining in Sharm el-Sheik. The best sea shores are Old Quay Beach (with its choice coral reef effectively came to from the shore) and Aqaba Beach.

Explorers looking for a decent view should make a beeline for the Shark Observatory precipice upper right on the southern edge of Ras Mohammed, where perspectives stretch crosswise over the two sides of the Red Sea.

Area: 38 kilometers south of Sharm el-Sheik

2. Thistlegorm Dive Site

For some propelled jumpers, an outing to Sharm el-Sheik implies just a single thing: plunging the Thistlegorm. One of the top wreck makes a plunge the world, this ship stuffed brimming with freight to resupply British soldiers was sunk during World War II by German planes. Fish presently dance through its rooms and payload holds loaded up with jeeps, motorbikes, and combat hardware that never made it to the front. The disaster area is arranged in the Straits of Gubal, off the western bank of the Sinai Peninsula, so it is offered as either a long one-day vessel trip from Sharm el-Sheik or a medium-term trip. All vessel visits here idea in any event two jumps of the disaster area in addition to a stop at one of Ras Mohammed’s plunge destinations. The medium-term trips have the special reward of a night jump of the disaster area.

3. Naama Bay

Naama Bay

Bordered by a white-sand sea shore and influencing palm trees, Naama Bay is the focal point of Sharm el-Sheik’s retreat life. There are copious eateries, bistros, and keepsake stores in the event that you get exhausted of the sand, yet Naama Bay is actually about the sea shore. A person on foot just promenade edges the whole sea shore zone, sponsored by a bunch of extravagance resorts. For those searching for a vacation loaded with sloth-like sunbathing, Naama Bay is one of Egypt’s top decisions. The whole sea shore territory has brilliant offices, including plentiful sun-shades and loungers, and the beachside bistros mean you don’t need to move from your fix of sandy joy throughout the day.

4. Jolanda Reef Dive Site

Jolanda Reef

Jolanda Reef (likewise called Yolanda Reef) is one of the most mainstream plunge destinations in the northern area of the Red Sea and exists in the Ras Mohammed Marine Park. Jumpers rush here to investigate the remaining parts of the Jolanda, an old Cypriot vessel deliver that steered into the rocks in 1980. It’s something other than a disaster area plunge however, as Jolanda Reef additionally envelops the coral dividers of Shark Reef with its immense quantities of fish life and charming coral nurseries.

5. Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef

Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef

One of Sharm el-Sheik’s best sea shores is Ras Um Sid, directly at the southern tail of the town, close to the beacon. Here, individuals slump on the sea shore between swimming outings into the water where a phenomenal coral reef is simply seaward. More remote away from the sand, Ras Um Sid Reef is ideal for first-time invasions into plunging and is utilized as an attempt jump site by numerous nearby plunge administrators. Regardless of whether you’re simply swimming, there is a lot of fish life to see.

Address: Al-Fanar Street

6. Day Trip to Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Saint Catherine's Monastery

The Sinai Peninsula’s top chronicled goal, St. Catherine’s Monastery sits at the foot of Mt. Sinai, where Moses is said to have gotten the Ten Commandments. One of the most established working cloisters on the planet, this Greek Orthodox isolation is home to the renowned “consuming shrubbery” of the Old Testament, just as an exhibition hall displaying a portion of the religious community’s sparkling assortment of strict symbols and antiquated original copies that is respected as one of the best on the planet. A day trip here is one of the top activities for any history-darling remaining in Sharm el-Sheik and can likewise incorporate a climb up to the summit of Mt. Sinai.

Area: 209 kilometers northwest from Sharm el-Sheik

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7. Day Trip to Mt. Sinai

Inland from the sun-soaked sea shores of the coast, the Sinai’s rough, rocky heart is crudely wonderful. For a tester of this rough scene, climb up to the summit of Mt. Sinai to see a span of orange-toned pinnacles undulating out before you. Loved by every one of the three of the monotheistic beliefs as where Moses got the 10 Commandments, the summit climb is a journey for some individuals (and typically joined with a visit to St. Catherine’s Monastery which sits at the trailhead for the climb).

There are two fundamental trails up to the top. The Camel Trail is a well-worn curve way, while the Steps of Repentance is a progressively troublesome, yet significantly more beautiful, arrangement of stone-cut staircases that was cut out by one of the religious community’s priests.

From Sharm el-Sheik, most visits venture out medium-term to arrive at the trailhead very early on with the goal that the climb up the Camel Trail is finished in the cool, dull hours, and the summit is come to so as to watch dawn over the encompassing pinnacles.

Area: 209 kilometers northwest from Sharm el-Sheik

8. Shark’s Bay

Shark's Bay

More distant north from Naama Bay is somewhat increasingly selective Shark’s Bay, which has some of Sharm el-Sheik’s most rich five-star resorts and inns grouped over its compass of sand. This is the place you head on the off chance that you need all out serenity on your vacation. The feasting center point of Soho Square Center, which incorporates some of Sharm el-Sheik’s top café and bistro decisions, just as shops, implies you don’t need to pass up the buzz on the off chance that you decide to remain here either.

Address: 7 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheik

9. Jackson Reef Dive Site

Jackson Reef

In the Straits of Tiran between the Sinai Peninsula and the southern tip of Saudi Arabia, Jackson Reef is one of Sharm el-Sheik’s prime jump destinations. There are masses of huge pelagic fish to be seen here, and it’s one of the Red Sea’s top spots for shark sightings. The reef is additionally home to the disaster area of the Lara, and for cutting edge jumpers, investigating this tanker send destruction adds an additional component to this plunge.

10. Day Trip to the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole

Sinai’s most infamous jump site is the Blue Hole, and individuals originate from distant locations abroad just to plunge here. This sinkhole kills a couple of jumpers consistently, for the most part through individuals plunging route past their points of confinement and experience. In spite of the site’s notoriety for threat, jumpers who stick inside reasonable breaking points are superbly sheltered here, and the fish life and unimaginable vistas of ethereal blue beneath make this an inconceivably delightful plunge. It’s likewise a well known swimming spot, with a lot of fish life to see close to the surface on the off chance that you don’t extravagant heading into the profundities.

Area: 100 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheik

11. Day Trip to Dahab


Dahab is the Sinai’s explorer sea shore resort and a relaxed option in contrast to the occasion bundle feel of Sharm el-Sheik. Along the shore is an immense number of easygoing eateries and bistros, while a charming shopping locale wraps its way up to the principle expressway in a confuse of keepsake shops. There is some astounding plunging and swimming here, which is the explanation the vast majority come, however Dahab’s laid-back climate is additionally extraordinary for a day out from Sharm el-Sheik.

Area: 90 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheik

12. Dunraven Dive Site

The SS Dunraven had been going to Mumbai (at that point Bombay) when it hit the reef and sunk simply off the tip of the Sinai Peninsula in 1876. Today, this 80-meter steam deliver, torn in two pieces on the ocean bottom, is home to a rich assortment of fish, which have made their home inside the barnacle-encrusted body. Jumpers here spot enormous schools of cardinal fish and goat fish, just as moray eels and scorpion fish. It’s approximately a two-hour vessel trip from Sharm el-Sheik, and a plunge here is regularly joined with Ras Mohammed National Park jumps or with a Thistlegorm plunge trip.

13. Sharm Old Market

Sharm Old Market

Sharm Old Market (otherwise called Sharm al-Maya) is the town’s souq (bazaar) zone, where twinkling Arabic lights, conventional shisha funnels, and finely engraved woodwork can be found in plenitude. It’s ideal to come at nightfall or later, when the most exceedingly terrible warmth of the day has disseminated, and you can shop and peruse in comfort. The zone is loaded with modest and merry eateries and bistros also, so it’s a decent spot to spend the whole night. There’s an unmistakably extraordinary feel here than the remainder of Sharm el-Sheik — the market is instilled with a significantly more helter skelter neighborhood environment than the remainder of the city.

On the edge of the market region is the new Al-Sahaba Mosque with an overwhelming exterior that filters out impacts from Fatimid, Mamluk, and Ottoman mosque styles.

Address: Sharm al-Maya Road

14. Nurseries Dive Site


At the northern finish of Naama Bay, the Gardens Reefs loosen up only seaward from the coast. This reef framework is really three distinctive swimming and plunging locales called Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden that can be gotten to by both the shore and by vessel. In the event that you simply need to swim, Near Garden is the best (and most effortless) site to get to and is home to some astonishing coral apexes with a lot of fluttering clownfish and butterfly fish in habitation.

15. Thomas Reef Dive Site

Thomas Reef

Some portion of the Tiran Straits set of jump destinations, Thomas Reef offers unbelievable submerged vistas of delicate coral and tremendous schools of fish. It’s a profound divider reef jump that is famous with experienced jumpers for the awesome exhibit of hued coral in plain view. This is one of Sharm el-Sheik’s top jumps for the individuals who truly need to encounter the bounty of ocean life that calls the Red Sea its home.

16. Day Trip to the Colored Canyon

Coloured Canyon

The twirling mineral-rich layered shake developments of this gorge are one of the Sinai’s top out-of-the-water characteristic attractions. It’s a grandstand of the regular excellence of the desert, with a lot of chances for scrambling around the stone faces and climbing fun. For nature sweethearts, this is one of Sharm el-Sheik’s top outings, and investigating the peculiarly molded zeniths and stones, which have been brushed with gleaming red and orange shades makes for some phenomenal photography.

Area: 177 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheik

17. Nabq Protectorate

Nabq Protectorate

North of Sharm el-Sheik, Nabq Protectorate is a beach front desert scene of bone-dry excellence and home to the world’s most northerly mangrove backwoods. The scene here is a vista of sand ridges, forlorn sea shores, and arak hedges, and it’s one of Egypt’s most significant ensured wild destinations, with an enormous measure of birdlife just as endemic gazelles and ibexes. There are likewise incredible swimming open doors only seaward from the sea shores here.

Area: 20 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheik

Where to Stay in Sharm el-Sheik for Sightseeing

Sharm el-Sheik is exceptionally spread out. Naama Bay is the inside, Sharm Al-Maya is toward the south, and Shark’s Bay is toward the north. All in all, Shark’s Bay is home to the most selective hotels, Sharm Al-Maya and Hadaba (between Naama Bay and Sharm Al-Maya) do mid-range and spending resorts, and Naama Bay has a blend of every one of the three.

Lavish Hotels: In Garden Bay (between Naama Bay and Shark’s Bay) the Hyatt Regency has rooms ignoring the rich gardens that lead down to the sea shore. More remote along the coast, in Shark’s Bay, the Four Seasons Resort Sharm el-Sheik has a lot of Arabic styling in the rooms and an ideal portion of palm-tree-lined white sand.

Mid-Range Hotels: Family-accommodating Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel and Spa has palm-lined pools, numerous cafés, and a fun activity group. Movenpick Resort Sharm el Sheik is roosted on the precipice top neglecting the inlet, with a lot of private beachfront and probably the best eatery around the local area. Xperience Seabreeze Resort in Shark’s Bay has great worth rates, ocean sees, huge pools, and themed suppers.

Spending Hotels: The best spending lodgings are in the Naama Bay territory and are very jumper driven, working as plunge focuses just as convenience. Camel Dive Club and Hotel is right in the focal point of Naama’s town zone, while Oona’s Dive Club Hotel is cozy inside the northern bend of the inlet.

Tips and Tours: How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Sharm el-Sheik

Camel Safari: The Sharm el-Sheik Camel Safari takes you on a one-hour camel riding desert stumble into the encompassing desert fields. Lodging pickup and a neighborly guide are incorporated.

Scuba Diving: The Introduction to Scuba Diving visit is set up for complete plunging amateurs, with a pontoon trip out to the Tiran Island reefs for an attempt jump at that point lunch and an evening of swimming around the reefs.

Entire Day Mount Sinai Tour: The private visit to St. Catherine’s and Mt Sinai remembers ascending the mountain for the pre-day break hours for dawn and a visit to the religious community.