Shah Allah Ditta Village: A Picturesque Historical Place

Strikingly, the old town is titled after a notable Mughal Dervish Shah Allah Ditta and holds a huge nearness for its evergreen chronicled foundation and excellence that floods like a stream. The age of this town is more than 700 years and it has been used as a course interfacing Kabul with Gandharan (city of Taxila established by Sher Shah Suri and Alexander) while different heads and Mughal rulers often went through exceptionally when they made a trip crosswise over Afghanistan to Hindustan.

The Ancient Relics

Most amazing reality portrays that there are additives in the cavern that is situated at the Shah Allah Ditta town. The remaining parts are said to be from Buddhist time and are 2,400 years of age. The remaining parts are settled under the layer of Margalla Hills in light of the fact that the Buddha paintings existed on the cavern dividers at the Shah Allah Ditta. Around 15 kilometers from Golra crossing point, this site requests for prompt consideration from Department of Archeology. The chronicled spots must come in the spotlight as it doesn’t just convey stays from Buddhist time yet in addition relics of Aurangzeb period and Hindu period (eighth century AD).

Present Outlook of Caves at Shah Allah Ditta

The caverns have come to fruition of tufa which is a thick, harsh; rock-like carbonate stores that framed by precipitation of water bodies with lavishly broke up calcium substance. It has a surge of around 17 meter underneath. The examination that was directed by Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations made sense of that tufa stores exits from late time of Pleistocene and tufa stores have a thickness of around 17 meters most extreme.

Not One – There are Two Caves at Shah Allah Ditta

It is surprising to realize that there are not one but rather two caverns which further separation into two segments. These caverns are composed normally as bow on the tufa rock at Margalla lower regions. This bluff is by all accounts arranged at Margalla Hills base and observably, it has Taxila (an old city) on the back. Adding more to the enamoring story, surrenders additionally have a water stream running from the center. The water stream gets gathered in lake made by a man. Likewise, a curve opens into the lake and there are steps driving down the water.

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Awesome Exclusivity of Shah Allah Ditta Caves

The antique gives in possess an underground springs of hot mineral water. Local people accept that the water has the intensity of mending any affliction. These caverns additionally have strict essentialness for nearby individuals in light of the fact that the aficionados visit this spot frequently. There were signs of consuming “diyas” on dividers of the cavern that and numerous special necklaces or “taveez” were likewise tied around the foundations of Banyan trees. The obsolete Banyan trees are interconnected with these caverns so immovably that they have ended up being a significant piece of it and façade. The external mass of Shah Allah Ditta caverns present red conditioned (mud mortar) works of art. These artworks resemble drawings with earthenware red and dark paint. Lamentably, guests have totally vandalized works of art. Just a human eye is left that can provide us the insight of artistic creations on those dividers. Relics of chipped curios and red stoneware of limestone have found around the old Shah Allah Ditta caverns.