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List of postal codes in China


Beijing – 10[edit]

100600 (exact code, not a range) is exclusively for diplomatic and foreign institutions (regardless of actual location in Beijing), with preferential (priority) delivery.

102008 is exclusively for venues of 2008 Summer Olympics, which announced use on July 1, 2007 and discontinued on September 30, 2008.[1]

Shanghai Postal Area – 20[edit]

Tianjin – 30[edit]

Chongqing – 40[edit]

North China – 0[edit]

Inner Mongolia – 01-02[edit]

West (01)[edit]

East (02)[edit]

Shanxi – 03-04[edit]

North (03)[edit]

South (04)[edit]

Hebei – 05-07[edit]

Southwest (05)[edit]

East (06)[edit]

West (07)[edit]

Northeast China – 1[edit]

Liaoning – 11-12[edit]

East (11)[edit]

West (12)[edit]

Jilin – 13[edit]

Heilongjiang – 15-16[edit]

East (15)[edit]

West (16)[edit]

East China – 2[edit]

Jiangsu – 21-22[edit]

South (21)[edit]

North (22)[edit]

Anhui – 23-24[edit]

North (23)[edit]

South (24)[edit]

Shandong – 25-27[edit]

Northwest (25)[edit]

East (26)[edit]

Southwest (27)[edit]

East China – 3[edit]

Zhejiang – 31-32[edit]

North (31)[edit]

South (32)[edit]

Jiangxi – 33-34[edit]

North (33)[edit]

South (34)[edit]

Fujian – 35-36[edit]

North (35)[edit]

South (36)[edit]

Central China – 4[edit]

Hunan – 41-42[edit]

North (41)[edit]

Major in South (42)[edit]

Hubei – 43-44[edit]

Major in East (43)[edit]

Major in West (44)[edit]

Henan – 45-47[edit]

Northeast (45)[edit]

Southeast (46)[edit]

West (47)[edit]

South China and Guizhou – 5[edit]

Guangdong – 51-52[edit]

Major in East (51)[edit]

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center is located in Xiaoguwei of Panyu District, but the post code uses 510006.

Major in West (52)[edit]

Guangxi – 53-54[edit]

West (53)[edit]

East (54)[edit]

Guizhou – 55-56[edit]

South (55)[edit]

North (56)[edit]

Hainan – 57[edit]

Southwest China – 6[edit]

Sichuan – 61-64[edit]

Central and Southwest (61)[edit]

West (62)[edit]

East (63)[edit]

Chongqing also uses post codes starting with “63” before 1997.

Southeast (64)[edit]

Chongqing also uses post codes starting with “64” before 1997.

Yunnan – 65-67[edit]

East (65)[edit]

South (66)[edit]

West (67)[edit]

Northwest China – 7[edit]

Shaanxi – 71-72[edit]

East (71)[edit]

West and Central (72)[edit]

Gansu – 73-74[edit]

North (73)[edit]

South (74)[edit]

Ningxia – 75[edit]

West China – 8[edit]

Qinghai – 81[edit]

Xinjiang – 83-84[edit]

North (83)[edit]

South (84)[edit]

Tibet – 85-86[edit]

Most areas (85)[edit]

Nyingchi (86)[edit]

International and regional – 9[edit]

The following codes are for internal operation only, and not in use by the public