Multi-skilled star Amna Ilyas had been one of the most noticeable faces in the Pakistani style world before changing towards the cinema. Sana Zehra plunks down to have a genuine discussion with this model-turned-on-screen character on her voyage so far

“Stereotyping models as non-on-screen characters is a misrepresentation. Obviously they can act and any individual who claims generally has been refuted universally”

There’s a typical misguided judgment that models don’t make great entertainers. Did you feel any weight attempting to demonstrate your art?

Stereotyping models as non-on-screen characters is a false notion. Obviously they can act and any individual who claims generally has been refuted all around. Acting is an aptitude anybody can obtain. You simply should be enthusiastic and committed to the specialty.

When I originally progressed into acting, I don’t trust I was great by any means, yet I stayed focused on my activity and began investigating the layers my characters had. I fired getting more work and gave every presentation my everything. I adapt new things consistently and feel my comprehension of show improve.

How would you think your demonstrating profession set you up for movies?

Changing numerous looks each day means being in various character each time. From eastern wear to western wear and from wearing huge amounts of cosmetics to being undeniable, I did everything as a model. This routine showed me how to assemble a character outwardly; only a slight difference in lip shading can have a gigantic effect on camera. Demonstrating likewise showed me how to confront the focal point, a long with different parts of bearing.

The trailer for your film “Prepared Steady No” is out. How might you say it’s not quite the same as normal romantic comedies?

“Prepared Steady No” is a parody and it’s extremely simple for individuals to mark cheerful substance as platitude. We’ve attempted to keep our exhibitions as near reality as would be prudent. Having said that, the group of spectators is the best judge, so I’ll give them a chance to choose for themselves.

“Working with Meera resembled a fantasy”

Another up and coming film of yours, “Baaji,” has fans energized. Disclose to us increasingly about your job and your experience working with Meera.

“Baaji” spins around a young lady who works at a delight salon. Much the same as each other working lady, she has numerous fantasies and desires. She needs to give an existence of solace to her family and snatches each open door that comes her approach to satisfy that objective. The enormous turn in her life comes when she meets a prominent star called Shamira. To perceive how their relationship develops, you’ll need to see the film.

Working with Meera resembled a fantasy. Sharing screen space with a senior craftsman like her, who has done more than 200 movies must be an incredible learning knowledge. She’s really a symbol.

When picking contents, would you say you are aware of the effect your character may have on the group of spectators?

I don’t really play a character dependent on what the group of spectators may consider it. My need is surveying what I can bring to the table and whether I can leave individuals with some kind of mindfulness.

In 2015, you lifted the Lux Style Awards trophy for Best Female Model, with an acknowledgment discourse on the absence of inclusivity in the design business. Do you think things have changed from that point forward?

Discussions on inclusivity are certainly picking up force via web-based networking media, so I’d state there’s been improvement from that point forward. Be that as it may, there’s as yet far to go.

“My need is evaluating what I can bring to the table and whether I can leave individuals with some kind of mindfulness”

How is Amna Ilyas at home? Inform us regarding your youth and family.

I’m super relaxed. At home, you’ll generally discover me in my night robe, with some espresso in my grasp, investing energy with family, or making up for lost time with a decent appear.

I’m the most youthful of five kin. As a tyke, I was bashful and loved minding my own business more often than not. The one individual who advanced my youth with her unrestricted love and backing was my mom. She showed me the significance of diligent work and confidence. I genuinely accept that is what’s propped me up all through my profession.

“Growing up, I had an extremely clear vision for my life and it constantly rotated around expressions of the human experience”

Your sisters Uzma and Salma were both effective models. Did experiencing childhood in their shadow leave you fascinated by the media?

Growing up, I had an unmistakable vision for my life and it constantly spun around expressions of the human experience. I’m appreciative for having my sisters as moving good examples. They affected my choice to attack into the business and exceed expectations at what I do.

What does the future hold for you?

Ideally numerous productive endeavors for my profession. I ask the coming years are benevolent to those I cherish and they stay upbeat and solid. I can’t be sure of where life will take me, however I sure trust the adventure is energizing.


Film screens or style runways?

Film screens

Greatest annoyance?


What should each lady do in any event once in her life?

Take a performance excursion to an extraordinary land she hasn’t investigated previously

What’s the best guidance you’ve been given?

“Stay silent and talk just when it makes a difference”

Most loved Pakistani celebs to pursue on Instagram?

Mehwish Hayat and Mahira Khan

What maddens you most about online life?

How tedious and addictive it is

What are the keep going three things on your financial record?

A couple of things from the supermarket

What was the last photograph you took?

It was a fix of my plate of mixed greens

What’s the greatest design socially awkward act you’ve submitted?

This is very humiliating, however I stumbled on celebrity central as of late. I trust no one took note

Who might be on your list of attendees for a perfect evening gathering?

Drake, Rihanna and Meena Kumari

What was the last lie you told?

I told my sister I returned home at 9PM, when as a general rule, it was a lot later

One propensity you have that bothers your family?

The way that I don’t make it to family undertakings due to my feverish timetable

Do you have a moniker?


What one thing might you want to change about media outlets?

Supporting light skin over dim skin

What’s your preferred motion picture quote?

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t won’t.”

Meeting: Sana Zehra

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