What is Giyarhwin Shareef

Rabi al-Thani also referred to as Rabi-ul-Akhir is the fourth month of the Islamic calendar. On this month, on the 11th, is the loss of life anniversary of the King of Baghdad, Chief of the contented souls, the incomparable, Huzoor Ghaus-ul-Azam, Shaikh Sayyiduna Mohiuddin, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Hassani Hussaini, Baghdadi (Might Allah be happy with him). Muslims all through the world on this month zealously make preparations to supply Niyaaz and Fateha of the Saint of Baghdad. As well as, a lot of charity is given within the names of the pious saints of Islam as a method of conveying reward to those blessed souls from which not solely the poor and beggars profit a terrific deal, however, the souls of the believers additionally acquire peace, contentment, and enlightenment.

One other legend states the explanation of why Gyarvi Shareef is well known. It’s as a result of on an event a girl forgot to pay her donations in the direction of Gyarvi Shareef or both to say khatam sharif on that day.

It’s also mentioned that Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] used to carry a gathering to feed the poor on the 11th of each Islamic month. This occasion was adopted by Sultan al-Awliya, Gaus-e-Azam, Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani, Radhi Allahu Ta ‘ala Anhu. Sultan E Awliya Peeran Pir, Hazrath Syedna Ghous E Azzam Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani(R.A) Used To Prepare A Feast For The Esaale Sawaab Of The Finest Of Creation, Hazrath Muhammad E Mustafa Ahmad E Mujtaba Noor Ul Huda (Noticed) On The 12th Of Each Month. So At this time The Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jaamath Following The Act Of Ghous E Azzam (R.A) Prepare Giarvi Sharif on The 11th (The Date Ghous E Azzam (R.A) Was Born) So That Ghous E Pak Can Current This Esaale Sawaab On The 12th To Our Beloved Prophet (Noticed)

By Esaale Sawaab is supposed “conveying the reward of” – On this respect, there’s a Hadith of Hazrat Anas bin Malik (Might Allah be happy with him): “Oh Messenger of Allah, after we give charity on behalf of our deceased and carry out Haj on their behalf, do they obtain the reward of those actions?” The beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) replied: “Doubtless they do obtain their rewards. Not solely that, however they turn out to be very joyful, simply as anyone among you’ll turn out to be joyful on receiving presents“. In a second Hadith, the Messenger of Allah says: “Anybody who recites Surah Ikhlas 11 instances after which conveys its rewards to the departed souls, Allah will bathe rewards on such an individual equal to the variety of these souls…”
These Ahadith function ample proof that the deceased souls do profit from the nice deeds and charities of the dwelling. That is an opportune second to narrate to the reader the saying of Shaikh Sayyiduna Abdul Qadir Jilani (Might Allah be happy with him). Ghaus-ul-Azam mentioned that “whoever in his misery cries to me for assist, he might be relieved of his misery; whosoever in his problem name by my title, his problem might be solved; whosoever in his time of want makes me as his middleman to Almighty Allah, his wants might be fulfilled. Any one that performs 2 Rakats Namaaz through which after Surah Fateha, recites Surah Ikhlas 11 instances after which making salaam sends Durood on the beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), the backyard of mercy, after which he thinks of me and takes 11 steps in the direction of the path of Baghdad calling my title, then presents his want, with Almighty Allah’s permission his want might be fulfilled.
This prayer (namaaz) is named Salatul Asraar of Salatul Ghausiyyah: which is a confirmed technique of acquiring achievement of 1’s wants and prayers. Salatul Asraar is defined by Imam Abul Hassan Nuruddin Alli Ibn Jaleel (RA) in Bahjatul Asraar, and Hazrat Mullah Alli Qari and Shaikh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dhelvi Qadiri (Might Allah be happy with all of them) have reported from Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam (Might Allah be happy with him) the next technique:
After finishing the Fardh and Sunnat of Maghrib prayers, supply 2 Rakats and in every Rakat after Surah Fateha recite 11 instances Surah Ikhlas, then recite this dua 11 instances:

Then taking 11 steps within the path of Iraq (Baghdad) learn the next on every step:

Thereafter, making the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) because the middleman current one’s wants and wishes to Almighty Allah.

On that very same week, I believe it was her son’s wedding ceremony. All of the folks invited on the marriage ceremony have been on a ferry upset the mom, who was watching the ferry take off. All of a sudden the ferry begins to sink. After watching this taking place the mom had a lot melancholy that for eleven or twelve years she was working or strolling in a jungle forwards & backward. All of a sudden a good friend of Allah had appeared who requested her what the issue was. After listening to the issue, the good friend of Allah mentioned let’s increase our arms and supplicate to Allah. After supplication to Allah, the ferry that had sink for eleven to 12 years had began to rise whereas everybody was protected however solely soaked.

The good friend of Allah requested the lady, “Did you keep in mind to donate generously in the direction of the Gyarvi Shareef or both to say khatam sharif?” The girl replied “no”. The good friend of Allah advised her that when she goes again house she ought to say the khatam sharif and hold donating generously in the direction of Gyarvi Shareef. The good friend of Allah mentioned when you don’t discover something again at the house then ask your neighbors for a mug of milk and say khatam sharif on that.

So from this event folks strongly suggest to have a good time Gyarvi Shareef

Additionally, the explanation of why they name it Gyarvi Shareef is as a result of it’s celebrated on the eleventh day of each month. The quantity eleven in Urdu is named Gyara (I believe!), in order that’s why they name it Gyarvi Shareef.

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