when is Dussehra in 2020

Dussehra is well known on the day when Dashami Tithi (tenth date) of the Shukla Paksha (brilliant fortnight) of Ashwin month is prevailing in the course of the Aparahan Kaal. The pageant is well known to comment the victory of fine over evil as a result of on at the present time, Lord Rama had killed Ravan. At some locations, the pageant is also referred to as Vijayadashami, as it’s believed to be related to the Goddess Vijaya. Some folks additionally know this pageant as Ayudhapuja.

About Dussehra Muhurat

1.  Dusshera is well known on the Ashwin Shukla Dashami throughout Aparahan Kaal. This Kaal is the period of the time which begins from the tenth Muhurat after dawn and ends earlier than the twelfth Muhurat.
2.  If Dashami is prevailing for two days and Aparahan Kaal is being lined solely in the course of the second day, Dussera shall be celebrated on the second day solely.
3.  If Dashami is prevailing in the course of the Aparahan Kaal of two days, Dushera shall be celebrated on the primary day solely.
4.  If Dashami is prevailing by means of the two days however not within the Aparahan Kaal of any day, Dussehra pageant shall be celebrated on the primary day.

Shravan Nakshatra additionally impacts the Muhurat of Dusherra. The logics are given under:

1.  If Dashami is prevailing by means of the two days (whether or not in Aparahan Kaal or not), however Shravan Nakshatra is prevailing by means of the Aparahan Kaal of the primary day solelyVijaydashmi shall be celebrated on a primary day.
2.  If Dashami is prevailing by means of the two days (whether or not in Aparahan Kaal or not), however Shravan Nakshatra is prevailing by means of the Aparahan Kaal of the second day solelyVijayadashmi shall be celebrated on the second day.
3.  If Dashami Tithi is prevailing for two days, however, Aparahan Kaal is being lined on a primary day solely, Dashami is working until the primary Three Muhurats of the second day, and Shravan Nakshatra is prevailing in the course of the Aparahan Kaal of the second day; on this situationDussehra celebration shall be held on the second day.
4.  If Dashami is prevailing by means of the Aparahan of first day and until the lower than Three Muhurats of second day, Vijaya Dasami shall be celebrated on the primary day rejecting all different situations of Shravan Nakshatra.

Dussehra Puja & Celebration

Aparajita Puja is carried out throughout Aparahan Kaal. The Puja Vidhi is given under:

1.  Discover a pious and auspicious place to worship within the Northeast path from your own home. It may be the neighborhood of a temple, backyard, and so forth. It is going to be nice if your entire household could be concerned within the Puja. Nonetheless, people may carry out it alone.
2.  Clear the realm and make Ashtadal Chakra (the ring of Eight lotus petals) with Sandalwood paste.
3.  Now, take Sankalp that you’re performing this Puja of Goddess Aparajita for the welfare of your loved ones and your self.
4.  After that, invoke Goddess Aparajita within the centre of the Chakra with this Mantra:
5.  Now, on her proper invoke Goddess Jaya with the Mantra:
6.  On her left, invoke Goddess Vijaya with the Mantra:
7.  After that, carry out Shodashopchar Puja with the identify Mantras:
8.  Now, pray – O Goddess, I’ve carried out the Puja rituals as per my means, kindly settle for it earlier than departing.
9.  Because the Puja is over now, carry out Namaskar.
10.  Carry out Visarjan with the Mantra:

Aparajita Puja is the primary a part of Vijay Dashmi for the worshippers. Nonetheless, there are another worships which are carried out on at the present time; verify them under:

1.  When solar units and few stars get seen, this period known as Vijaya Muhurat. On this period, any Pooja or work could be initiated for the most effective outcomes. Lord Rama had defeated the King of Lanka, Ravana by beginning his journey for the conflict on this Muhurat. At the moment solely, a Shami tree had taken the bow of Arjuna (this bow was named Gandiva) to maintain it protected.
2.  Dusera day is taken into account one among the many most auspicious days of the yr. It is among the Sadhe Teen Muhurats (three and a half most auspicious Muhurats of the yr – Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, Ashvin Shukla Dashami, Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya, and Kartik Shukla Pratipada (half Muhurat)). Your complete day is taken into account auspicious for starting or doing something. Nonetheless, sure Muhurats could be thought-about for some explicit Pujas.
3.  Kshatriyas, warriors, and troopers worship their weapons, which is called Ayudh Puja. Additionally, they carry out Shami Pujan. Within the outdated days of Kingship, this pageant was primarily thought-about for the Kshatriyas (royals and warriors).
4.  Brahmins worship Goddess Saraswati.
5.  Vaishya worship their ledgers.
6.  Navratri Ramlila, which is organized at many locations, involves an finish.
7.  Victory of Lord Rama is well known by setting ablaze the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Meghanada.
8.  It’s believed that reciting the ‘Aparajita Stotra’ of Bhagwati Jagdamba on at the present time may be very auspicious.
9.  In Bengal, the grand Durga pageant is concluded.

Dussehra Legend

As per the beliefs, the pageant received its identify Dussara as a result of on at the present time, Lord Rama had killed the ten-headed (Das Sar) demon, Ravana. Since then, the 10 heads of Ravana effigies are burnt contemplating every of them because the manifestation of lust, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication, envy, selfishness, injustice, inhumanity, and ego.

Duryodhan had defeated Pandavas within the recreation of playing. As promised beforehand, Pandavas needed to go for 12 years of exile together with an additional yr of hidden life. In that final one yr, they needed to keep hidden from everybody and if discovered by anybody, they’d repeat their 12 years of exile. For that one yr, Arjuna had hidden his bow, Gandiva on a Shami tree and labored for King Viraat with the pretend id of Brihannala. When the son of the King requested Arjuna to assist him in defending the cows, Arjuna introduced again his bow from the Shami tree and defeated the enemy.

One other legend states that when Lord Rama started his journey towards Lanka for the conflict, Shami tree had introduced the victory of the Lord.

If you wish to relish the true style of this pageant, go to Mysore. The Mysore Dasara Pageant is known for its grand celebration. From the day of Dashahra solely, folks speed up their preparations for the Diwali pageant.

With this info, we hope that it is possible for you to make the most effective out of at the present time.

Dussehra Observances

Holiday currently only shown for years 2015–2021.

Note: During a gazetted holiday, government offices and most businesses are closed so people have a day off work.

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2015 Thu 22 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2016 Tue 11 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2017 Sat 30 Sep Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2018 Fri 19 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2019 Tue 8 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2020 Sun 25 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday
2021 Fri 15 Oct Dussehra Gazetted Holiday