Who Is Halime Hatun Ertugrul Cast ( Esra Bilgic)

Who Is Halime Hatun Ertugrul Cast ( Esra Bilgic)
Who Is Halime Hatun Ertugrul Cast ( Esra Bilgic)

Esra Bilgic is a Turkish actress and model. She is best known for portraying the role of Halime Hatun in the historical adventure television series Diriliş: Ertuğrul from 2014 to 2018. As of 2020, she is the leading actress in the crime drama series Ramo.

Born: October 14, 1992 (age 27 years), Ankara, Turkey
Height: 1.78 m
Nationality: Turkish
Spouse: Gokhan Tore (m. 2017–2019)
Education: Bilkent University, Hacettepe University


Her origins are unknown; she is variously referred to as “Hayme Ana” and “Khaimah” in later legends, and is not mentioned at all in any historical Ottoman texts. Hayme Ana is also a traditional name of 

According to obscure mentions in later Ottoman legends, she was the daughter of a Turkmen bey. Some legends described her as the mother of Osman I, however, historian Heath W. Lowry, among other Ottoman scholars, states that Osman I’s mother is unknown. The burial place of Halime Hatun is located in the garden of the Ertuğrul Gazi’s grave in Sogut, present-day Turkey. According to historian Cemal Kafadar, the 19th century “recovery” and “rebuilding” of this tomb by Sultan Abdul Hamid II, with an inscription added later, was politically motivated. Additionally, according to Turgut Güler, “Hayme Ana”, buried in Domanic, was most likely the wife of Ertuğrul.

Halime Hatun grave in Gevaş

A turbe (tomb) was built for a Halime Hatun in Gevaş in 1358.This Halime is said to have been the daughter of a Seljuk ruler, Melik Izeddin, and perhaps a member of the Karakoyunlu dynasty.
Who Is Halime Hatun Ertugrul Cast ( Esra Bilgic)
Gevaş tomb